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Welcome To Millie's International School

We are delighted that you are visiting us online and hope that you find plenty to engage with and inform you about life at Millie's.

What makes us special?

Here are a few:

* Our environment is warm, friendly and happy; a home away from home, designed to meet the needs of all our children

* We recruit qualified, caring and experienced staff and are committed to giving them dedicated training and support in the latest developments in childcare

* We have small class sizes for individual child attention and manageability

* Our classrooms are well ventilated and air-conditioned, equipped with age appropriate learning resources

* We have installed important safety and security measures - including a Biometric entry system and round the clock surveillance system

* We have our own on-site swimming pool

* We offer optional real-time view of our classrooms to parents for a nominal fee



At Millie's International School, our mission is to provide an enriching educational environment for children and their parents; one that fosters a love of learning, awareness of self and others, and a sense of accomplishment built on a child's natural curiosity.

Our Aims

We aim to be the preferred choice for parents who desire a world class play environment, high quality education, enhanced learning skills development and State of the Art resources and equipment for their children.

We aim for each child to develop:

* A love of learning

* Be a part of our school community built on teamwork, kindness and consideration

* Tolerance, respect and understanding for others

We are committed to meeting these aims by creating

* A safe, happy and caring environment where everyone is made welcome

* The best possible learning experiences for every child.

* A broad and balanced curriculum to challenge all

* A school in partnership with parents, families and the wider community

We offer the finest facilities available for children - ages 15 months to 11 years.

As an educational establishment we pride ourselves in being able to facilitate the foundation of every child by following the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which prepares the children for their all- important school years ahead and encourages them to be confident, successful, life-long learners.

Our Junior School offers a broad and balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Our pupils enjoy a curriculum which is engaging, motivating and relevant for them.

We want every pupil who attends this school to enjoy their time here, and leave ready and equipped to deal with the next stage of their education and living in their community.

Children experience a high quality academic curriculum, but also experience our 'essentials' which we have written into our curriculum to provide children with a range of experiences which will equip them with a love of reading, the outdoors, being competitive and supportive, respectful, healthy and valued members of society.

Children are active participants in their own learning. They are encouraged to ask questions at the start of the topic to guide what needs to be taught, and thus develop an inquisitive mind. They are also given high quality feedback in order to develop their knowledge and skills for them to do their best in all subjects.

Being an enthusiastic, fluent and efficient reader is essential to all learning and because of this; reading is given high status in our school. Our rigorous approach to teaching reading ensures that children read regularly and are taught specific reading and comprehension skills. They are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of quality texts to develop a love of reading as well as exposure to vocabulary. Teachers engender a love of reading by reading daily to their classes, sharing and discussing their favourite books and giving time for sustained reading. They value reading and this is apparent through the high quality reading areas and promoting of books in all curriculum areas.

Phonics is taught from Nursery by our highly skilled and trained staff. The children are taught in groups which are fluid and respond to their development and next steps. Children at risk of falling behind are identified early to keep up with their peers.

Developing an extensive, expressive and accurate vocabulary is also seen as essential to lifelong learning. Key vocabulary is highlighted in all areas of the curriculum, planning and is shared with parents. Vocabulary is discussed and explained in all subjects and children are expected to use efficient and accurate vocabulary in their work.

We have high expectations of children's handwriting and presentation and this is demonstrated through displays and in books. Staff model handwriting and lots of signs around classrooms are handwritten.

Children are expected to become efficient and confident mathematicians. They are given many opportunities to learn, practice and apply their mathematical skills and knowledge in lessons. They are taught problem solving in a clear and systematic way in order to facilitate the application of skills and knowledge.

As a school, we are especially keen to ensure that skills across the curriculum are evident. To keep teaching relevant to the children is of high importance so links between what is being taught and the 'real world' are used as much as possible. To this end, we use visitors and visits to enhance the curriculum. These include: visitors encouraging and teaching about health and wellbeing and sports stars and artists to encourage and inspire. Visits are an expectation, and these are planned to give children first hand experiences in order to enhance a topic, gain enthusiasm and enjoyment and to go and experience something that has not been experienced before.

Part of our core beliefs and expectations of behaviour lay around our rights and responsibilities, both for us and others. The children learn that we have a right to be safe, to be respected and to learn. They are also taught that it is our responsibility to keep others safe, show respect and allow others to learn. We are proud of our high expectations of behaviour and attitude that we expect our children to demonstrate.

Our curriculum builds on what has already been learnt: so that children know more, remember more and then can apply this to unfamiliar situations to deepen their knowledge and skills further.

Deeply embedded in our schemes of work are important links to the local area and community. We feel it is essential that our children have an understanding of the history and geography of the place that they live. This is so that they can feel connected and proud of their locality. These experiences include local visits to historical places of interest and visitors from the locality.

Outdoor learning is a highly important feature of the curriculum. We have wonderful school grounds and we use these to full advantage. All the children in the school enjoy a vast range of outdoor experiences. They learn skills and knowledge from our highly trained teachers. Outdoor learning activities are planned and linked to schemes of work to enhance the children's experiences further. We believe that children should be given outdoor experiences in order for them to fully appreciate the natural world and their place in it. In addition, the outdoor activities foster highly desirable skills of team work, resilience, problem solving and a love of the outdoors. We are keen to give children experiences that they would not normally get.

In order to give our pupils knowledge and understanding of the home country, we incorporate different aspects of the Nigerian culture in our rich curriculum.

We are determined to provide an education that gives all children access to the knowledge that they will need to become proud of themselves and successful now and in their future lives.