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Millie's International School Learning, Playing & Growing Together

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Our School is situated in a serene environment. Our class sizes are small for individual child attention and manageability with a very efficient teacher-child ratio.

We introduce children to the joys of education, and prepare them not only for formal education, but for a life of learning. We teach our children not only the common core standards, but exceed the standards.

Our School consists of:

* Spacious and well ventilated classrooms; all air conditioned and equipped with age appropriate resources

* A Music Room

* An Arts and Crafts Centre

* A well equipped Indoor Activity Centre

* A Common Room

* A well equipped outside play area designed to encourage free flow learning and play

* A Swimming Pool

Our classrooms have a number of different activity areas. We have a number of table top activities, which change regularly, to allow the children to take part in a range of games and activities, including matching and sorting games and jigsaws.

In our activity centre, the children take part in pretend play. Here, we promote high level thinking, problem solving, turn taking, and vocabulary development. The children develop skills in all learning areas of the curriculum. They experiment with the social and emotional roles of life; ranging from a Shop, Hospital, kitchen, Hairdresser's, Dental clinic and others

The children love to play in the sand and in water. Our sandpit and water trays allow them another opportunity to play in a different way.

We have PCs in our ICT centre. This allows the children to learn the essential computer skills through games and other computer activities.

The children also have the opportunity to play outdoors on the playground. They can take part in a range of physical activities, including climbing frames and balancing equipment. Under the careful supervision of our staff, the children can enjoy themselves playing outside with their friends.

We are committed to fostering a happy, skilful and loyal staff team and ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of education provision. As a result, each class, starting from the playgroup, is led and managed by a qualified teacher who has received specialist training in the delivery of the curriculum.

Our supervisory staff are charged with the overall staff management of the school as well as the implementation of the board's vision and objectives for MIS.

Millie's International School classrooms were specifically designed with your children in mind. We have beautiful and well equipped classrooms.

Our activity centre promotes active learning and imaginative fun. This is a great place where your child enjoys creative indoor play, special presentations and enrichment activities.

Millie's state-of-the-art facilities utilize whiteboards, books, toys, games, dramatic play equipments, music, art and craft and ICT to enhance the learning experience.

There is provision for all toddlers to rest during the day. Children sleep on soft classroom mats and have a rest according to the routine of their class.

At MIS, your child's safety is our number one priority. Parents and authorized pickups check their children in and out daily using our Bio-metric system so that we can account for your child's movement in and out of the school premises in line with our child collection procedure. In addition, we offer parents a 'real time' view of their children's classroom.

Our classrooms and grounds also have round the clock Surveillance Cameras, plus Professional Security Personnel who man the school gate to ensure that only authorised persons have access to the school premises, thereby providing the children and our staff a secure and safe environment to be in.

Our playground has specialised padded safety tiles and is equipped with age appropriate Rides, Climbing frame, Slides, Play House, Sandbox and Swimming pool - for older children. There are also several other play equipment that helps develop the child's physical, mental and motor skills.

At Millie's International School, we encourage good verbal and written communication with parents as this is a two way street. We recognise parents as the prime educators and we believe that we should work closely together to ensure the continuity between home and School.

It is especially important to us that you as parents or guardians feel involved whilst your children are with us. As key partners in the development of your child, we carry you along through daily contact reports, Monthly Newsletters and Parents' Teachers Consultation every end of term.

Parents are requested to respect the care, commitment and expertise of the staff that have to make informed professional judgements on the knowledge of the individual child and their needs whilst in our care. Parents will help their children if they are supportive of the school, become involved as well as interested.

Letters and notices on notice boards also provide information relevant to parents on anything from infectious illnesses, staff changes, to forthcoming events. Wall displays, display books, photographs and videos provide another insight into life in our school.

Our school has a fully equipped and functional kitchen which is used as part of our curriculum delivery and as demand for school meal arises, we hope to provide healthy meals to our pupils.

We believe that learning does not just take place within the classroom. A variety of trips to places of interest are organised for each year group throughout the year.